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Postby henriks » Aug 21st, '09, 02:58

I would like to upgrade from Sennheiser 555, music taste mostely electronica and pop/rock..

BEYERDYNAMIC DT-880 PRO / 250ohm! is that a problem for LD mk III
AKG K-701
sennheiser hd 650
or some kind of Grado..

or something else.
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Postby DavidZheZhe » Aug 21st, '09, 09:37

250 ohms will not be a problem at all as the Little Dot MK III is an OTL design and thus the higher the headphone impedance, the easier it is to drive! Do you enjoy the Sennheiser sound signature? If you do, the HD600 or HD650 might be what you are looking for. If you are looking it get away from the Sennheiser sound signature, what aspects of it are pleasing/displeasing? If we know what your preferences are, it will give us a better idea of what to recommend you.
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Postby henriks » Aug 22nd, '09, 07:20

Hard to say(still new in head-fi) but maybe wide soundstage more bass, and price range 300-500$
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Postby cswann1 » Aug 23rd, '09, 00:14

Well the AKG K701 has a huge soundstage. The bass is very tight and lean and many feel it is weak because of the way bass is presented, although it does go quite low. Probably not the best choice for rock.

I have a pair of Sennheiser HD580's that are essentially the same thing as a HD600. I love them to death and will likely never sell them. They sound wonderful on my MKIVse. The HD580/600 is one of the best all-around headphones I've ever heard for under $500USD.

If closed cans interest you, the Denon AH-D2000 are very good and even though they are low impedance, they are fairly OTL friendly. The famous Markl mod opens lots of possibilities for tuning them to suit your tastes.
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Postby mors_beste » Aug 24th, '09, 00:15

I`ve got Denon AH-D2000, Audio-Technica ATH-A900; ATH-AD700 and Beyerdynamis DT 770 PRO (80 ohm). They all sound terrific in my Little Dot MK III. Even the bassy Beyerdynamic sounds fine. Nice to have various kinds suited different types of music.
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Postby DavidZheZhe » Aug 24th, '09, 21:46

The K701s (while excellent headphones) may not satisfy you in the bass department as it may be a bit leaner than what you are used to. If you are into prominent bass response, the Beyer DT990 (Pro) maybe be something you want to throw into consideration.
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Postby dms » Sep 4th, '09, 22:46


I went from HD555 first to DT880/250Ohm. Definitely a HUGE step forward. Then I bought DT150/250Ohm. And from that time on, I only listen to DT150. Has everything I missed listening to DT880: bass kick (but not too much IMO), more mids and good highs. In my opinion highs are better on DT880, also bass seems to go a little deeper but I missed the bass kick and more mids and DT150 provides enough of that and highs are still much better than HD555. My personal opinion and I'm definitely far from PRO listener!

My current setup:
Beyerdynamic DT150/250, Beyerdynamic DT880/250, Sennheiser HD555
LittleDot MKIII, 6N6P-I power, Mullard M8083 driver
EMU0202 USB used as DAC
Foobar 2000 on my Asus EEE900 (listening mostly to CDs ripped to FLAC)
Music taste: rock, hard rock, and a little bit of everything else

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Postby Steve » Sep 5th, '09, 03:02

I think I have posted this before, but here it is again:
I have the LD MK IV SE and MK V (I mostly use the IV SE now) with AKG K701s
I LOVE this combination, and the one problem I have is that the sound is so clean and clear and FLAT that sometimes I don't realize just how loud I have the volume set.
My speakers are KEF 104aB (yes they are old, but they still sound great) powered by Adcom GFA 5500 and GFP 565, so you can see where my sound preference lies.
I have tried other headphones (including Grado RS 1) and found they don't come anywhere near the AKGs for listening pleasure

- Steve
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Postby Robbie California » Sep 5th, '09, 19:19

I've been using the Senn 650s and I got tell ya.... I'm in audio heaven. I just received my Little Dot Dac_1 yesterday and I'm looking forward to hooking that up. I can tell you that the LD III/Senn 650 combo sounds fantastic. Great tight /not too over emphasized bass and just the right amount of high end. My musical taste is completely all over the map; 60's, jazz, atmospheric, rock, classical. This combination handles all genres. I never thought I'd ever spend that kind of money on a pair of headphones...but I'm soooo glad I did.
Robbie California
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